Can you imagine not having a roof over your head when you need it? Or a place to store your belongings, and call your own? Whether people have lived here their entire lives in search of the high life or move here to find the glamour the name Aspen conjures, homelessness is present in this town. Aspen is known for glitz and glamour and its allure attracts people from all over. Yet the life that people come here for does not just magically appear: the same problems persist.

The lifestyle that Aspen is known for is far removed from the lives we lead. The town’s reputation does not preclude us from the issue of homelessness. It is real, it is present, and we are determined to do something about it.

The Aspen Homeless Shelter was founded to help those Aspen residents who have fallen on hard times. We understand that causes of homelessness are more complicated than it may seem. We do more than simply provide shelter to temporarily fix the problem. Committed to making an enduring difference in the lives of others, the Aspen Homeless Shelter address the root causes of homelessness to fully support our residents.

how we do it

Homelessness is often more than meets the eye. Limited identification documents, mental health issues such as anger management or poor social skills, and substance abuse are all underlying causes of chronic homelessness. Each of these pose difficult obstacles to securing housing and financial independence. Taking this into account, AHS provides much more than a roof overhead and works to reduce homelessness in the community by focusing on its root causes.

Year-round, AHS offers a day center with amenities most of take for granted: showers, phones, computers, food, and lockers, for example. In addition to these basics, the day center provides job counseling and case management. During the winter months, the Aspen Homeless Shelter also provides a night shelter, thanks to the generosity of St. Mary Church on Main Street in Aspen. While the Shelter first and foremost serves the most fundamental needs of the homeless population in Aspen, it also offers resources to break the cycle of chronic homelessness.

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