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CBS4 Homeless Aspen Man Rich After Buying Winning Scratch Ticket

CBS4 broadcast from December 8, 2015

ASPEN, Colo. (CBS4)– A homeless man in Aspen is rich after he purchased a winning scratch-off ticket.

For the past six years, Michael has been a regular at the homeless shelter in Aspen. He says he plays the lottery once in a while and that most he ever won was $20.

But that all changed last Friday.

“He is sincere, he’s a humble fella. He didn’t just waltz in here from some other venue. If it’s going to happen to somebody, we’re happy to have it happen to him. I wish more people had this solution,” said Aspen Homeless Shelter spokesman Vince Savage.

Michael won the lottery on Friday (credit: Jeremy Kowalis)

Aspen is known for its expensive real estate and trendy shopping but there is also a homeless population.

“There are two kinds of people in Aspen, those who own three houses and those who work three jobs,” said Savage. “A lot of our guys work and they work a lot but that doesn’t mean they can afford a place to live in this kind of real estate market.”

For six years, Michael was down on his luck and called the shelter home.


Dr Savage on Aspen Public Radio

Click below to listen to Executive Director Dr. Vince Savage discuss our program in detail in a recent interview on Aspen Public Radio.

Dr. Savage on KSPN

To listen to full interview with David Bach of Bach Talk and Dr. Vince Savage, Executive Director of the Aspen Homeless Shelter click on the link below:

This interview was originally aired on Monday, May 5 at 3:00 pm on Bach Talk, KSPN in Aspen.