One measure of a society is how it cares for its most vulnerable members. At the Aspen Homeless Shelter, our mission is to keep people alive, safe and fed while they are homeless; help them access resources to meet their needs; and assist, with a hand-up, in transition to stability and self-reliance. Aspen’s generosity and caring for the well-being of our community is legendary. Each person that is cared for saves our community important resources in unnecessary emergency room visits, law enforcement interventions, and other emergency measures. Please reach deep and give what you can to help us ensure the most vulnerable members of our community are safe and fed throughout the year.


  • open every day of the year
  • hot evening meal every single day
  • food always accessible
  • computer & phone
  • laundry
  • showers
  • toiletries, clothing, equipment
  • job hunting assistance
  • access to case management & health & human services


  • open during the coldest months of the year
  • location TBA